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Butt crack stink

I was setting up my Adsense ads for Google and I saw an ad for “Butt Crack In a Bottle!” YESSSSS!! That rocks! That’s perfect!  Squirt your fart butt crack stink!

I haven’t thoroughly checked out their site, but that’s just great. What a great slogan! Or product name! I am jealous!

I have had several stink bombs over the years, and they just don’t quite smell right. They do stink, that’s for sure. However, they have a “produced” smell too. Maybe it’s the same stuff they put in our food to make is last longer. ??? Iduno. Anyway, I used to have a spray, it worked ok in bathroom.

I think my favorite was this little glass bottle that looked like a perfume sample. I didn’t like the fact that I left a hunk of glass laying around, but you could easily drop it and step on it to break open, without anyone noticing. So, I could be in a public building, in a busy hallway and drop a stink bomb. NICE!

I havent done that since High School, but I do remember the laughs over that one! I did it in the lunch room, maybe 150 kids sitting eating their lunch, and BAM! The Emeral Assegeddon hits!

Oh well, memories… Check out Butt Crack in a Bottle.

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