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Farts Fart Farts! The absolute truth: Everybody poops!

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The first of a kind! The blog to start them all!

Fartblog.com was conceived to provide a community “fart” fest! What we would like is a sharing of stories from others. We have a web blog (Blog) in which we can all share our fun, retarded jokes or real life stories of farts, poop, or other toilet humor.  .

Gotta love DOOKIE… always a laugh!

 This is Mastah FartNinjah! You must bowoo dowoon befoh my powahhhhh! Because I am a Dook Masterrrrrr!

Yes! I suppose, this site is what happens when someone, like me, laughs at farts, Invader Zim, and Blackout’s Box! Listen to this prank call at www.blackout.com. This thing is the funniest prank call I have heard. This guy has a ton of others, but this one tops my list. Classic! And Invader Zim! How can you not like Zim! Check out Room With a Moose. Zim was my inspiration for “Dookie”! Though, I think people have been using that term for a long time now.