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Butt Water

August 6th, 2006 1 comment

Submitted by a fellow Ninja:

My buddy Dave and I were driving to his house from the mall several years back. He was riding shotgun and ripped a nasty fart. I cussed him out and rolled down my window. Now this guy has always been able so squeez one out on command, so he ripps another just to piss me off. He keeps doing this and is cracking up the whole time because i’m getting furious. I mean after a few minutes the whole car smelled like ass. His laughter was making him fart more for some reason and he just wouldn’t stop for like 10 minutes. Finally he settles down and says he feels sick and puts a hand down his pants to inspect his stink hole. Well we get to his house and he just jumps out of the car and runs in the house. I wait outside for a while and then go in to see whats going on. I walked into his room and his pants with boxers inside were on the floor and there was a huge wet circle on the back. I ran out to my car and there was a damp circle in my passenger seat and it smelled like butt water. This bastard was trying so hard to fart that he started squirting water out of his ass. And yeah I made that shit head clean my car seat after he shamefully came out of the bathroom.

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