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Mom’s fart while shopping

March 27th, 2009 No comments

Story submitted by a fellow Ninja with minor edits:

It was on a Sunday after noon and my mom and my sister had gone to [Unnamed Department Store] and were shoppin around and my mom had felt a fart coming on and so she proceeded into one of the aisles and let it rip. Well she left the aisle after that and then these two lady’s walked in as my mom turned the corner,as they entered the aisle they put there shirts over there noses and yelled out (O! some one had to go bad!!) and she was in the next aisle laughing and then my sister cam over and smelled it ( mom i cant leave you alone for a second lol) and then as they were leaving out the door my mom farted once more and literally crapped herself lol. my sister didn’t let her hear the end of it for weeks.

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