What is a fart? An Assplanation.

This site is dedicated to toilet humor and flatulence, but I thought I’d write up a quick bit of facts I found in some recent research. The rest of this site is pure toilet humor, so don’t continue to other pages here if you are easily offended.

The word “fart” has a long history, much to my surprise. I won’t get into the historical facts much, or the proper definition of the word, which I found from this source:

a reflex that expels intestinal gas through the anus

I mean, we all know what a FART is, right?  I’d rather, briefly, answer a different question, why do we fart?  What I found immediately interesting is what gasses and/or chemicals a farts might be made of: Hydrogen, Methane, Carbon Dioxide, and Sulfur.  (probably others too!)  Nice, that’s sounds nasty!  And it comes out of our bodies!

We all build up gasses in our digestion system, but we also get some of these gases by swallowing air.  You might get some air by chewing gum, drinking some fluids, and while you eat. If you don’t burp all of that air, some of it is not used by your body (like oxygen) and it will literally come out the other end.

That’s one source of the gases, but we also build up gases by normal digestion processes.  Enzymes, acids, and bacteria break down the foods you eat.  When they break down the food, gasses like the methane and hydrogen are released.

So we build up gasses in our body, ready to be expelled from a place the sun don’t shine.  The terrible smells come from those gasses and bacteria, and also the sulfur broken down in some foods.

Gross stuff you might say?  I agree, but, honestly, just saying this out loud makes me laugh!  Hence, this site!

Quick note: Obviously if you are seeking medical facts, please see a medical professional.  I am not a doctor and this is not intended to be any sort of medical advice. Just interesting and fun info.

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  • Christian Lugar

    Farts are disgusting, eggsept mine.

    “Chris Lugar”
    “Christian Lugar”

    San Diego

  • brad loves emmett

    times people dont think much if at all about farting

    during an arguement
    or a sad moment in life
    while swimming
    while riding a bike
    or playing a video game
    while talking about politics
    while watching a lakers playoff game
    or typing a long winded email
    when we see a group of people walking around in public
    during sex or masterbation
    while bouncing a ball
    or playing an instrument
    while dancing or singing
    while with the grandparents during xmas dinner

    appropriate times to think about farting

    during a conversation with a friend who talks too much
    during a movie when its getting boring
    while making dinner at home with your loved “one”
    in a bathroom
    in a bathtub or shower
    while in bed (eww)
    when your land lord is yelling at you cuz your yards a mess
    when someone bends over and expresses their butt cheecks in your direction
    when someone squats down to do something on the floor, like a painting
    or squatting or bending of any kind
    when it goes with the beat of the music
    when you hear a trumpet sound
    when there is too much silence in the room

    perhaps a fart is a most useful too or weapon:
    during a very serious moment that needs to be a little less serious, a fart is the best solution to break up the vibe
    it sends a siginal to the other person and says “cmon, we’re all just humans, converting matter here, why be so upset”

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  • coolestdudesever

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  • im not attempting to get impolite right here but i would be ashamed to add content material this stupid on my internet page. no offence.

    • Antkantar

      Maybe you should learn how to spell before you make snide remarks about the stupidity of others.

    • Le Petomane

      By refusing to respond to this site and add content, you did just that -added content.  If farts are so disgraceful, why did you log onto this blog in the first place?  You refer to this site as “stupid” and then say “no offense.”  Who are you kidding but yourself.  Go blow it out your … oh, never mind!

  • StinkyBinky

    I am feeling a bit sorry for my sister today.. For she was at the gym pumping iron today, working out as intense as ever.. Head phones blasting, really going all out. When she suddenly felt gas rumbling about and before she knew it, out the fart came! Much to her disbelief, she had no idea what the volume level of her fart was due to the loudness of her headphones.. It could have been a sbd or it could have been a epic fart.. She may never know.. However so embarrassed and unaware of the number of those affected she immediately left the gym.. And is now consider finding another gym..

    Made my day! Love you sis!

    • OMG! That is awesome! (sorry for your sis, but funny!) Thank’s for sharing the fart story!


    Farts are considered by me a valuable staple in life choices, that tend to be foul in odor, but useful in annoying my family members, and tormenting my dog.

    If i couldn’t fart i would just die!!! (literally)…:D

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  • Bstone
  • Rayandmigdalia

    FARTING can be so nostalgic!….

  • Dong Johnson

    Up to about 25 per day.

  • The_chad_man

    can you please rate my fart on a scale of 1 to 10?

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  • FartsAreFunny

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  • It Was Me

    I am addicted to the smell of my farts when I eat a double quarter pounder with cheese and bacon. People can even smell them in other rooms. It makes me who I am.

  • J

    Farting is fun. So is mooning

  • emma

    Oh my! this blog exists! Well, you will all enjoy this video: “Ari and Emma: Fart Cloud” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIVO5B38oXw&list=PLRaNjmaMzBZgCEQWq1AC4SBKo4bvAi0_d

  • thenikkij

    whats what happens to these two girls! very funny!


  • Cj Tynes

    I need a fart queen

  • Cj Tynes

    Do girls not.like to fart i cant find one

  • dan

    Please send me a video of you farting my email is dankent45@gmail.com

  • Let It Rip

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    We are Let It Rip, and we believe that everyone should be comfortable with farting because it’s such a natural thing!

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  • anonymous

    Years ago I was in the back seat of a friend’s van.
    I was eating a chocolate bar and I farted out loud.
    About 5 or 10 seconds later, my friend let out a loud groan, shoved his head to the steering wheel, then stuck it out the window.
    I laughed my ass off for 5 minutes.

  • Nick

    This video is awesome! Have you ever had to fart so bad your stomach hurt?

  • joe shmoe

    One time I went to Mexico with two friends. Everyone knows about Montezuma’s revenge. We all had it, or at least two of us. We stayed at my friend’s cousin’s place. There weren’t enough beds so we had to sleep on the floor in our sleeping bags. I was lying on my back when I let out an incredible fart beyond belief. My friend was about 2 feet away from me, lying on his stomach, facing me. A few seconds later he lets out a groan, and turns his head to face the other direction. I got up and looked over at him. He had his sleeping bag over his nose. Wow, did I laugh. And laughed for days after whenever I thought about it.

  • Leah Gambill Carlson
  • Landon Penley

    i let the biggest fart in the kamode it sounded like a lawn mower in the cold weather

  • Byker Bob

    Back when I was attending community college, I took weight training class. Nomally, we had a workout partner to spot us, but on one occasion, mine was absent, so I was kind of going it alone. About every ten minutes, we’d rotate to the next area to work a different group of muscles. Just before leaving the squat rack, I let fly with a real hair burner, timing it deliberately so that it wouldn’t follow me in my trunks to the bench press area. As I walked away, I knew it was bad but had no idea just how awful until I heard one of the guys yell at his partner at the top of his lungs, “Damn! Did you fart????” The other guy was already gagging and holding his nose, and was obviously insulted that anyone in his worst nightmare would think he was capable of a sulpher-bomb of that magnitude. By that time, it had hit just about everyone in the gym, and guys’ eyes were watering! I couldn’t help myself. I was about twenty feet away, doubled over, laughing. Suddenly, the first guy yelled, “Look! It was him! (pointing at me) He’s over here laughing at us! As the weeks of the semester went on, the guys in their discussions in between sets were actually reckoning time by it, as in “Oh, yeah. I remember that. But wait a minute. Did that happen before the fart, or after it?”